Redwood Meatless Feast Pizza vs homemade



Being vegan I hadn’t had a pizza in a couple of years.  This all changed last week when I topped a pizza base with an overdose of leftover pasta sauce, lots of garlic and a sparce amount of artichoke, kalamata olives and notzarella.  That simple pizza reminded me how good they are.

So when I saw these frozen pizzas at my favourite local grocer (Taste Organic in Crows Nest) I really really wanted to like them.  I grabbed four – 2 “Meatless Feast” and 2 “Ham and Pineapple”.  At about $8 each and smaller than my bread and butter plates, they’re not amazing value so I figured a taste sensation was waiting for me when I got home.

Ten minutes in the oven and the base was crispy and the “cheese” melty.. From first bite to the last I couldn’t be more disappointed..  Lacked the cheesy flavour and stretchiness of notzarella, there didn’t appear to be any tomato base, and the “meat” was mushy and lacking in flavour.

Long story short, just buy your own base and make one of your own, it’ll take you all of 2 minutes longer, be cheaper and taste amazing… Like this one:




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